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RAINE originates from our Founder's daughter's middle name meaning "Queen".  Our Motto is "From Nature to Queens." We want you to Keep Reigning, however here we say a variation, "RAINE"! 

RAINE Naturals, is a growing Mid-West company based in Indianapolis, IN founded by Teranika Douglas, our Founder & CEO:  a US Navy Spouse, Mom-Trepreneur, & Nurse Practitioner specializing in Psychiatric-Mental Health. Mrs. Douglas interest in Natural Products peaked several years ago when working as a nurse. She suffered from severe dry skin due to strict hygienic requirement of working in a hospital setting.  She says, "I purchased so many store-bought products, however nothing seemed to work. One day I tried natural shea butter and that was a game changer, as it naturally alleviated my skin issues", she explains. She is a firm believer that God put certain natural oils and extracts on earth, such as shea butter and other elements to naturally care for ourselves.

Her role as a military spouse has afforded Mrs. Douglas the invaluable opportunity to meet women from around the world.  Amid the diversity she has encountered, Mrs. Douglas has noticed a common thread- many women are overwhelmed by societal pushes toward perfectionism, and inauthentic body ideals. She established Raine Naturals to encourage women to live a natural, healthy life.

Raine Naturals sells and produces natural and near- natural skincare products. Our company is committed to delivering premium, quality products. Say no to toxins and yes to Mother Nature!



  • Celebratory of our divine natural selves
  • Inclusive of diversity + every Woman
  • Women Empowerment
  • Supporting our communities particularly our women and youth in terms of entrepreneurship + healthy body image
  • Anti-tanning Stance as artificial tanning can be harmful to our skin and lead to premature aging (Although Limited Natural Tanning while our skin is protected is ok) 
  • Anti-Bleaching Stance as bleaching can be harmful to our skin 
  • As women our physical + mental health matters, and skincare is an integral part of our wellbeing
  • Skincare is a sacred and special gift to ourselves